Death at a Young Age

Death at a Young Age

Through my eyes I’ve seen so much, past the age of twenty fiveSometimes I ask myself how was I able to survive

Morning announcements starting off with the loss of a friend

I’m so tired of this madness when will it ever end

To the rest of the world you hear another black mans end

Do they even care, that he was my friend

I know the pain of the world, to suffer of the loss of life

This is my own plight this is a part of my life

That poor little child bleeding out on the front steps

But how many really care that it was a child laid to rest

They say the good die young, so are they the truly blessed

They won’t have to endure this world and find out what happens next

No matter what your race the pain doesn’t hurt any less

To see another day is the meaning of being truly blessed

I’ve seen so much in my time, past the age of twenty five

And still some days I wonder when it will be my turn to lay down and die

I know people will cry and tears will fall down their eyes

But the rest of the world will say, just another nigga dies

They won’t care how I lived my life, or the story of my strife

Only the color of my skin is what’s going to matter in their eyes

I’ve had friends of all races and learned things from all of them

And I wonder how many people will say, no God not him

I’ve learned from the experiences of life, so much pain and strife

Some days I say this is hell, no this can’t be life

Another place shot up, a poor life now caught up

And still at the end of the story there’ll always be a butt

It was deserved because of this, it was deserved because of that

But how exactly would you feel with that bullet in your back

So we all share the pain, and no matter what it’s the same 

Let’s treat life like life and not like it’s a game



In those moments I get to see you I come so alive;

It’s a feeling that I’ve longed for a natural high.

It makes me wonder about the future and think of my past;

At times I think to myself, God please let this last.

In those moments I get to kiss you, my knees get weak;

My head starts to spin and my heart skips a beat.

I think of your lips when I’m awake and when I’m asleep;

I never knew I could feel anything that could be so sweet.

In those moment you hold my hand, I try to understand;

How is it that you see me, do you see me as I am.

Do you see the real me at all, do you fight the urge to fall;

My insides still light up whenever I get your call.

In those moments you’re in my arms, do you feel safe from harm;

Would you trust me with your heart without much alarm.

Would you love me true and free and never let go;

Would you hear me when I say all of you I want know.

When I think of how things are now and how they were then;

You’ve become my partner in crime a true best friend.

We’ve held each other down through both thick as well as thin;

Tell me that just like me you don’t want this to ever end.




If I

If I

If I looked into your eyes would your soul say hi;would it greet me with open arms and cling to me with pride?

If I looked into your eyes would your spirit say hi;

would it show me all the places your darkest secrets try to hide?

If I shared with you my pain, my many days of rain;

would you look at me differently, would you still love me the same?

If I showed you all of me and the things I did by choice;

would you listen to my words and not just the sound of my voice?

If I held you in my arms and kept you safe from harm;

would you be willing to explore the world with me, together arm in arm?

If I slowly stroked your hair would it melt away your cares;

would it knock down all you walls and show the love you want to share?

If I gave your skin a taste would your heart start to race;

would it set blazing fire to your most sacred place?

If I gently stroked your 

spine and tantalized your mind;would you be will to play a game of yours and mine?

If I softly kissed your lips and held tight to your hips;

could you have ever imagined your body feeling anything like this?

If I stroked your mind so sweet and swept you off your feet;

would you see you’re the only one that makes me feel complete?

If I could give you one surprise it would be to see you through my eyes;

so you could see why you’ll always be more beautiful than a perfect sunrise?


The First Mistake

The First Mistake

As we’ve all made out way through life and continue to do so, we’ve all been shaped and molded by our experiences. One that we can all relate to in some way is a relationship. Whether it was the first kiss, first love, or first heartbreak we’ve all at some point met that one person that we would do anything for. That person that get us to fence straddle between right or wrong, and to a degree get us to a degree get us to sacrifice who we are as a person. From Adam and Eve, Sampson and Delilah, Paris of Troy and Helen, and even Bonnie and Clyde; history has given us the stories of those that were willing to do anything for. Even today men and women of all ages still deal with that struggle of selfish or selfless when it comes to that certain someone.

This is the very same subject Jay Falls focuses on in one of his latest singles                  “The First Mistake” His lyrical ability webs a tale of his struggle to the accompaniment of a smooth mellow beat representative of true hip hop. His ability to depict the feelings one may experience in this type of situation brings full circle the struggle many face when they meet that one they would do anything for. Part of Jay Falls latest project his single The First Mistake will leave you wanting more.

Click the link below to listen and feel free to comment.  Feedback is extremely welcome and appreciated, and for more of Jay Falls music check out his Sound Cloud as well.


Jay Falls Sound Cloud

Hands Down Man Down 

Hands Down Man Down 

Hey come here yea I’m talkin to you;

What hood you come from from where you headed to.

Man here we go again what I supposedly do;

I’m so tired of gettin harassed by the boys in blue. 

Nothin personal against’em yea some of them coo;

Not all of them though their are a select few. 

Their was a robbery in the area and you fit the profile;

What’s that black and handsome with a sexy ass smile. 

I see you got jokes let’s take a look at your file;

Better yet I’ll put you in handcuffs and hold you here for a while. 

I know my rights man and you ain’t hand cuffin shit;

Officer needs assistance a suspects trying to resist. 

Get your ass on the ground don’t you dare try to run;

Do what the heck I said now cause I’m drawing my gun. 

How the heck did we get here everything was just fine; 

Now I’m staring down the barrel of this officers nine. 

Trying to explain myself tell him what I was doin;

I’m not a criminal sir theirs no need to be shootin. 

I was at a couple of parties for graduation;

Now I’m on my way home after a night of some fun. 

My hands slowly came down as the explanation begun;

Bang was the next sound that rang out of his gun. 

Oh no, oh my God what is it I’ve done;

I’ll just say it looked like you were going for a gun. 

The cold grip of death the pain deep in my chest;

No I can’t believe it, it can’t end like this. 

My poor grief stricken mother laying her baby to rest;

And what about my son he’s now fatherless. 

Please don’t let me die, please I want to live;

I’m only three months away from going college. 

Jay Falls: Protect & Serve
Jay Falls: No More Koolaid

Protect and Serve 

Protect and Serve 

Over the past couple of years there has been and increase in the number of police involved incidents that have drawn a great deal of public attention. Although social media and technology have helped to bring these issues front and center they’ve sadly been occurring and going on with very little attention from the world for years. Though these actions are the actions of a few the ripple effects have affected the entire country. 

Although social media is late in the game to exposing these incidents rap and hip hop artist have used their musical talents as a form of modern day stayagraha to speak up and speak out. Jay Falls is no different and brings you one of his latest songs Protect and Serve. He uses his own personal experiences and lays them down to create a lyrical tell all of what many go through in communities that are all but written off by much of society. 

To listen to Protect and Serve or listen to other music by Jay Falls click the links below. 

Jay Falls: Protect and Serve
Jay Falls: No More Koolaid

Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem

She holds a secret deep within; a secret so precious a hidden gem. 

A gem that burns so deep and bright; it blinds a man of average sight. 

So precious and beautiful it is to see; and to think for her it comes naturally. 

To see it will leave you in wondering awe; and for some they’ll travel a lifetime far. 

To bask in its warmth and glorious grace; like the warm morning sun shines on a face. 

She mesmerizes and soothes like an enchanting dream; because her spirit is as calm as the clearest stream. 

To know her and to see her is special indeed; to be close to her is the feeling of truly being freed. 

To find something like this is never just planned; you may not even notice when it’s slipped through your hand. 

If you ever stumble across it treat it with care; for she is the one you’ll never want to share.